Buccal fat removal

This lesser known procedure has been around for years. This procedure can improve “chipmunk cheeks” – round, puffy cheeks that can make a face look childlike. Although not a well known procedure, buccal fat removal is growing in popularity. It is sought out frequently by Asian patients looking to slim their cheeks. It is also sought out by patients who are frustrated their chubby cheeks despite being at an ideal weight.

Many individuals, men and women alike, hope to attain a slimmer face via weight loss; and in many cases, are disappointed by the lack of results.

How does buccal fat removal work?

This procedure is carried out with local anesthesia and takes approximately half an hour to perform. It is carried out at Dr alghonaim’s facial cosmetic surgery clinic. Small incisions are made inside the mouth. The buccal fat is gently removed. The fat excised is generally the size of two golf balls.

Typically, patients experience a relatively short recovery. Most patients have mild swelling in the cheeks for about a week. Pain is generally minimal. After one week, patients generally retain their “normal” appearance; and the final results become apparent after a month.