Earlobe Repair Surgery Procedures

Earlobe repair is a simple procedure that restores the look, integrity, and natural shape of your ears. Common issues related to the earlobe are easily corrected in order to reverse the damage that results from age, heavy or large earrings, or trauma. This procedure is ideal for earlobe hole closures, to repair a split or hole that has developed over time, elongated and stretched earlobes from heaving earrings, and correction of severe deformities resulting from large hoop earrings. Heavy jewelry or large gauges can cause the earlobes to elongate or tear. Aging and development can lead to large earlobes that can make you feel self-conscious, or can prevent small earrings from staying in place.

Any severe deformity that results in large earlobes can greatly improved using the earlobe repair procedure. This reduces the size of the earlobes and makes them proportional to other features of the face.

Aging Ear:

Aging is another common source of elongated earlobes. Just as gravity affects other parts of the body such as unwanted sagging, it can have the same effect on aging earlobes. Aging earlobes that have become long can be a tell-tale sign of aging. Earlobe reduction is a procedure that can be performed in isolation and is often performed with facelift surgery.