A Direct Neck Plasty is a surgical procedure that’s also known as a Neck Lift or a Direct Neck Lift. Not a lot of attention is given to the neck as the signs of aging and drooping skin begin to take hold. It’s usually cheeks and eyelids and various lines or wrinkles that get most of the focus.However, your neck is also susceptible to loose, sagging skin, and the Direct Neck Plasty is an effective way to keep it in check.

The Basics

Neck Lift Surgery, or a Direct Neck Plasty is a procedure that’s often performed when the neck requires attention but the patient isn’t an ideal candidate for a full facelift or neck liposuction alone. This may be true of men or women, depending on their situation.

The surgery is performed to enhance the overall contour of the neck. There are patients that have some excess fat and early laxity of neck musculature resulting in a full aged neck. In a direct neck plasty procedure, fat is surgically removed from the neck area above and below the neck muscle, neck muscles are tightened and the skin is redistributed from ear to ear.

The scars are often hard to notice after Direct Neck Plasty, sometimes blending in with natural lines in the neck. Typical incision is a small horizontal incision below the chin and two small incisions around the ear lobes.

Why Would I Want One?

The reason patients want a Direct Neck Plasty is to reshape the contour of their neck. Direct Neck Plasty can give an entirely new look to the whole face, even when the face wasn’t touched at all. That submental fullness of the neck is a telltale sign of getting older, and taking it away will create a youthful-looking neck contour in the most non-invasive way possible.

The Details

If you think that a Direct Neck Plasty may be the solution for excess skin, loose muscles or fat around your neck, you need to book a consultation to find out for sure. During a thorough consultation, you’ll learn all you need to know about how the procedure works and whether it is a good idea for your situation.