Appearance Following Rhinoplasty Surgery

Common Concerns About The Appearance of the Nose Following Rhinoplasty Surgery :

  1. The Tip of the nose often appears turned-up or “pig-like” at first. This is partially because of swelling in the upper lip and from taping. The Tip will fall especially in the first 2 weeks and then more slowly after that. It is important that the tip be slightly over rotated at first so that it is not too droopy when it finally heals.
  2. Asymmetrical swelling is normal and related to the amount of bleeding that occurred at the time of surgery. This will Improve over time.
  3. When the splint is removed there is often swelling where the bump used to be. Swelling does go down with time depending on the body’s healing process.
  4. The upper lip is very stiff after surgery. It moves very little and can make your smile seem strange. Usually related to swelling at the base of the nose. This always returns to normal with time especially after the first 2 weeks

If you experience any of the following listed below, please contact Dr. Alghonaim assistant  directly by phone +966503779797

  1. If you develop a large firm mass extending from the surgical area.
  2. If you develop a rash, persistent fever, chills or sweating.
  3. If you notice a foul odour or yellow drainage coming from the incision sites.
  4. If you experience severe pain, that is not controlled with Tylenol.
  5. If you experience persistent bleeding that does not resolve in 20 minutes or with direct pressure.
  6. Persistent vomiting and inability to drink liquids for greater than 4 hours
  7. Shortness of breath, chest pain, weakness or numbness in the face or limbs

If you are unable to reach us, PLEASE visit your nearest Emergency Department

Please Notify Dr. Alghonaim  of any Unexpected Admission to the Hospital within 10 Days of your Procedure.