What is a primary rhinoplasty?

When choosing nose surgery for the first time, it’s referred to as primary. Many people know from a young age that they want a nose job to change an aspect of their nose. Others decide after a nose injury, or as they become dissatisfied with some aspect of the nose over time.

People who undergo nose surgery to improve breathing will typically have what’s known as a septoplasty. This procedure to straighten and clear nasal passages deals with the central bone and cartilage that make up the septum. If combining this functional improvement with visible, aesthetic changes, then it will be termed, “septorhinoplasty.”

No two noses are entirely alike, and although you may have an ideal “wish” nose, keep in mind that unique anatomy means everyone’s procedure and outcomes will be a little different. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will evaluate your other facial characteristics, your desires, and nasal anatomy to create an optimal plan for you.

Primary rhinoplasty involves careful manipulation of the nasal structures to straighten, refine, add, remove or otherwise alter nasal tissue. The operation can be done with a “closed” or “open” approach. Closed rhinoplasty requires incisions made inside the nostrils and use of specialized instruments. The scars will be hidden, and recovery time quicker. This less invasive option is well-suited to more subtle nose changes.