Revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct any problem areas related to a patient’s first rhinoplasty surgery. Also called, Secondary rhinoplasty, is designed to correct the problems that have either persisted from a previous rhinoplasty or achieve unmet appearance goals. While some issues are easily resolved, some are more challenging

Due to the reduction of nose material left behind from the work done in the first rhinoplasty, a secondary rhinoplasty is generally more challenging than a primary rhinoplasty.

Secondary rhinoplasty is potentially challenging to the surgeon because the original tissue has already been altered, and may require reconstruction or rebuilding of the nasal framework to attain ideal rhinoplasty results. Furthermore, the original rhinoplasty surgery will have created scar tissue.

Scar tissue makes separation and repositioning of the remaining cartilage and bones technically more difficult. Secondary rhinoplasty performed by a skilled nasal surgeon, employing meticulous and precise surgical technique can often create significant and dramatic improvement in nasal appearance and function.