Ethnicity plays a significant role when it comes to Rhinoplasty surgery. Thick skin and thin skin generally have different nose structure characteristics. Thin skin patients tend to seek rhinoplasty surgery to reduce the overall size of their nose with ‘reduction rhinoplasty surgery’ while thick skin patients are often hoping to enhance their nose with ‘augmentation rhinoplasty’. Augmentation refers to “increasing in size” a portion of the nose; in the case of the thick skin nose, the dorsal bridge, by creating a structural enhancement.

One of the most prominent characteristics of your face, is your nose, which would explain why it can have such an impact on one’s’ self-esteem. Confidence is often a patient’s motivation for having plastic surgery. Thick skin Rhinoplasty is no different and is often driven by a patient’s preference towards a different shaped nose.

Thick skin Rhinoplasty surgery however, is very different than thin skin rhinoplasty surgery and since the nose is such a delicate component of a person’s facial structure, it is important that only the most skilled and experienced surgeon performs an ethnic rhinoplasty in order to achieve results that enhance the nose while maintaining their ethnic appearance.